Thanks for taking the time to look us up online. We're a small publishing company in Grand Rapids, Michigan that released 71 pattern books for glass craft hobbyists over the past 20+ years. Due to decreasing sales of pattern books in recent years, all but 7 titles have been discontinued and are out of print.

The titles that are still available:
• Prairie Style Lampshades & Lanterns
• Prairie Style Panels
• More Celtic Designs
• Basically Bevels
• 'tis the Season
• Starbursts
• Starcatchers

You can purchase our remaining books from most glass craft suppliers in the US, Canada and UK. If you are looking for a supplier, here are a few links that might help:

Stained Glass News retail distributors

Spectrum Glass retail distributors

For info about pattern corrections, click here.


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email: mail@SGNpublishing.com

phone: 616.676.3801