About Us

Back in the 1980's, Scott Haebich owned and operated one of the busiest stained glass centers (The Stained Glass Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan) in the country. Seeing a need for "ideas and information for the stained glass hobbyist," he started publishing Stained Glass News in 1988. The full color newspaper immediately became the most widely read glass art publication and has remained so for 20+ years.

In 1992, he added SGN Publishing as a sister company with the idea of publishing a few pattern books with unique designs that weren't available at the time. For the first several years, all the books were designed by employees (Kimberlee Lynch, Vicki Gillespie and Lisa Rosochacki) and customers (Suzy and Scott Rosema) of The Stained Glass Place. Eventually, the company was approached by outside designers and it started publishing books for artists across the U.S. and Canada.

After 18 years and 70 book titles, SGN Publishing continues to offer books full of projects that are (hopefully) fun and inspiring for the glass hobbyist.

Vicki Gillespie is still involved with SGN Publishing and also took over as publisher of Stained Glass News in 2007. Information about Stained Glass News can be found here.

Scott continues to run SGN Publishing with help from his wife Gail. Since handing over the reigns of Stained Glass News to Vicki, he's now able to spend more time in the glassblowing studio than he used to. He also publishes the Michigan Art Guide.