Pattern Correction for:

3-D Lighted Tree pattern
from the book 'tis the Season


If you have already cut out all the pieces for this project, and don't want to recut any pieces, you can adjust the framework to accept the pieces you have already cut. Please refer to page 24 in the book 'tis the Season and follow these steps:

1) Drill new holes in your wooden base. You'll now want them to be 4.5" apart (rather than 5" as shown in the book). If you've already drilled the original holes, don't worry… they will be covered up by the tree and won't show. Just go ahead and drill four new ones, still about 1/4" deep.

2) Cut 1.25" off each of the four brass rods used to create the inner structure. The rods should now each be 10.75" long (rather than 12").

3) Change the last two marks on these rods. (These marks show where the rings of glass will be soldered.) The last two marks should now be at 7" and 8.25" (rather than 7.5" and 9.75").

4) Cut the two additional brass rods to 3.5" in length (instead of 4"). These rods will be used to make cross bars for support. They will now be soldered at approximately the 8.25" mark (rather than 9.75").

You can assemble this simple structure the same as shown in the book and the rings of tree branches should now fit comfortably. The tree will just be a little shorter and the bottom two rows of limbs will lie a little flatter than shown in the photo.